The Simple Dreams Anti-Drug Foundation was created as a way to give back to the community. It is an organization devoted to educating children about the dangers of substance abuse.

Using the power of music to get an important message to our children, concerts are performed at schools of all levels, churches, club meetings, etc. National and regional role models, including music, sports, and media personalities, participate in the program, leaving a greater impression on young minds.

Proceeds from the Foundation have been used to sponsor professionals in schools to council at-risk children. The Foundation has even received accolades from state and national leaders, including Kentucky Governors Martha Layne Collins and Paul Patton, as well as United States Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

For more information, or to schedule Judge Mullins and our show for an appearance, please contact the Simple Dreams Foundation via e-mail or you may write to us at: Simple Dreams Foundation, P.O. Box 811, Pikeville, KY 41502. The Simple Dreams Foundation is fighting to help America's youth stay drug and alcohol free... today!

High School Regional Track Meet
Kentucky Horse Park


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