The Honorable Darrel H. Mullins, Circuit Court District Judge, is the obvious choice, for the Simple Dreams Foundation Spokesman, for the upcoming 2005-2006 crusade against substance abuse.

First and foremost he has a comprehensive understanding of substance abuse as it relates to the destruction of young lives as well as society as a whole.

Secondly, he is a musician that appreciates the positive power and influence music can have with teenagers.

Thirdly, his devotion to educating children about the devastating consequences of drug and alcohol abuse is a role model for other community leaders in Eastern Kentucky.

For these reasons and more we are proud to be associated with the "judge" and are indeed honored by his acceptance as spokesman.

Honorable Darrel H. Mullins joins a great line of spokesman including, Tranquillity Records recording artist, Tony Stone, Bobby Lacer and three-time Grammy Award winner, Sir Mack Rice. Bobby is known for the Christian Radio hit "Broken Dreams" and Rice is best known for writing the infamous song "Mustang Sally".


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